What I’m Reading – 5/9

I’ve been off the map a bit since the weekend, but I’m back and hopefully will have a developer post later this week. I’ve been working on my event tracking system and it’s coming along nicely. I had to spend a few friendly hours with Google’s API documentation, but it’s relatively intuitive enough to get the hang of once you come to terms with the API wrapper package. I’m planning on having something written up by the weekend.

In other news, the latest Mac Demarco album just came out and I attended the “How Weird” festival in San Francisco. “How Weird” was alright, but a bit flat if you ask me. It has a strong hippie presence so that might be why the atmosphere was low-key. New Mac Demarco is great and I strongly suggest giving it a listen. Anyway, here are the links:

5/5 – 5/9

What I’m Reading – 5/5

Something interesting I’ve started noticing is that Facebook ads are actually useful to me. I don’t know what Facebook’s approach is versus Google’s (this is probably worth finding out), but whatever the difference, it seems to be sending me content I’m interested in. I’ve found a number of clothing-related posts that I’ve bought into because they actually found items that fit my style. Likewise, last night I found out that one of my favorite beat artists, Flamingosis, will be in San Francisco tomorrow doing a DJ set with a couple other artists. Obviously, I’ll be there. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures good enough to put up a post sometime during the weekend.

5/4 – 5/5

What I’m Reading – 5/3

Having put more thought into my scheduling automation idea, I decided to forgo the Android front end for now and just stick with something more resembling a cron job until I get the time to slap the front end on it. I’m a big believer in the strength of gamifying activities to make them more desirable. If I can gamify hitting my scheduling metrics, I’ll be way more loyal to my schedule and be able to use it more effectively as a prioritization tool. At some point I’ll start putting together my time management ideas into a series of articles, but that won’t be for another month or so at best.

Also one last announcement: I’ve been very lazy in setting up the links on this page to open in new tabs, but as you can see now, I have fixed this. From now on links will now open in a new tab.

Anyway, here are the links:

5/2 – 5/3

What I’m Reading – 5/1

I took the weekend off from reading this time around to instead put more time into a YouTube video I needed to finish. Time management is an art and I definitely need to continue working on coming up with a system to fit all of these projects in. I have an idea involving some integration between Google Sheets and Calendar, but it’s probably going to require dusting off the Android book I have on my bookshelf. The plus side is that it’ll make a good weekend project post.

In other news it looks like the world hasn’t ended yet although North Korea seems hell-bent on making that a reality. Apparently Bill Nye launched some self-aggrandizing Netflix series as well that I won’t be watching. That’s all I’ve got for now, so here are the links:


What I’m Reading – 4/28

I’ve yet to decide on a naming convention I like for this article series. Currently I title the post after the date that I started collecting links, but I’m thinking that might be confusing for people coming to the article because the date they read it and the date on the article will be different. One solution would be to post the range over which the links were collected in the article so any readers can know the complete range of dates included. I want to make sure everyone understands that the links in here are almost always up-to-date and not old reposts (generally speaking). 

I have a few new coding blog posts that I’m putting together currently; one is on an open-source project I recently worked on and the other is one configuring Jenkins Pipeline jobs. If you ever plan on using Jenkins in your CI pipeline, I recommend staying tuned for that one considering the Jenkins 2.x docs are pretty sparse at the moment.

4/26 – 4/28

What I’m Reading – 4/23

Another busy week, including a night with Sydney to celebrate 6 months together. In putting together this week’s list, I found that I already had enough interesting links after just 2 days of collecting to make a complete, so I decided to publish today, 4/25/17. Going forward, this series will no longer be weekly, but more of a “whenever, wherever” approach once I hit a number of links I feel is appropriate. You can bet on this being multiple times a week.


In other blog-related news, something I’m hoping to do more of in the future is to include some posts about the books I’m reading and now that I’ve restructured my time at home to open up another hour or so, I’ll most likely be doing just that.


What I’m Reading – 4/16

4/16 – 4/22

Hey all! While I’ve been busy with my day job and my nascent YouTube channel, I’ve been continuing to read constantly throughout my day. I always like to remind myself of the example set by Theodore Roosevelt who made it well-known how much time he invested in reading on topics of any kind. He could be in-between presidential meetings addressing the breakup of a monopoly and the Venezuelan crisis and still find time to read a few pages of a treatise on North American bird populations or the like.

I think many of us with active minds find ourselves sneaking in articles or books here and there throughout our working day and personal life and this gave me the inspiration to start putting together a weekly list of things I’ve been reading. This list is by no means exhaustive, nor will it be in any sort of ordering, but I hope it can serve as a launching point into the different topics I read about on a weekly basis. Without any further preamble, I bring you “What I’m Reading” for the week of 4/16/2017:


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