What I’m Reading – 5/9

I’ve been off the map a bit since the weekend, but I’m back and hopefully will have a developer post later this week. I’ve been working on my event tracking system and it’s coming along nicely. I had to spend a few friendly hours with Google’s API documentation, but it’s relatively intuitive enough to get the hang of once you come to terms with the API wrapper package. I’m planning on having something written up by the weekend.

In other news, the latest Mac Demarco album just came out and I attended the “How Weird” festival in San Francisco. “How Weird” was alright, but a bit flat if you ask me. It has a strong hippie presence so that might be why the atmosphere was low-key. New Mac Demarco is great and I strongly suggest giving it a listen. Anyway, here are the links:

5/5 – 5/9