What I’m Reading – 4/16

4/16 – 4/22

Hey all! While I’ve been busy with my day job and my nascent YouTube channel, I’ve been continuing to read constantly throughout my day. I always like to remind myself of the example set by Theodore Roosevelt who made it well-known how much time he invested in reading on topics of any kind. He could be in-between presidential meetings addressing the breakup of a monopoly and the Venezuelan crisis and still find time to read a few pages of a treatise on North American bird populations or the like.

I think many of us with active minds find ourselves sneaking in articles or books here and there throughout our working day and personal life and this gave me the inspiration to start putting together a weekly list of things I’ve been reading. This list is by no means exhaustive, nor will it be in any sort of ordering, but I hope it can serve as a launching point into the different topics I read about on a weekly basis. Without any further preamble, I bring you “What I’m Reading” for the week of 4/16/2017: