What I’m Reading – 4/28

I’ve yet to decide on a naming convention I like for this article series. Currently I title the post after the date that I started collecting links, but I’m thinking that might be confusing for people coming to the article because the date they read it and the date on the article will be different. One solution would be to post the range over which the links were collected in the article so any readers can know the complete range of dates included. I want to make sure everyone understands that the links in here are almost always up-to-date and not old reposts (generally speaking). 

I have a few new coding blog posts that I’m putting together currently; one is on an open-source project I recently worked on and the other is one configuring Jenkins Pipeline jobs. If you ever plan on using Jenkins in your CI pipeline, I recommend staying tuned for that one considering the Jenkins 2.x docs are pretty sparse at the moment.

4/26 – 4/28