What I’m Reading – 6/12

I know I’ve been away from this site for a little bit. The move took just about everything out of me; I’ve spent just about every free minute I have either moving boxes, unpacking boxes, filling boxes, breaking down boxes, or basically anything else you can do with boxes. The furniture is built and everything is hooked up, the only remaining piece being the new router. I have some photos from some adventures Sydney and I went on in the interim that I need to put together into some posts, but that will probably have to wait until we get back from LA next week.

Anyway, here are the links:

What I’m Reading – 5/26

I’ve started playing some Kerbal Space Program again recently in a bid to manage the excitement/stress of the new move. After completely forgetting how to enter orbit, I ramped up quickly and have a space station core in orbit with a brave Kerbal manning the helm. I’ll be streaming that and some beats to my Twitch account for the next few days. Next steps are completing the station and attempting a moon landing. No reverts; we’re playing this ironman style, any lost Kerbals must live on in memory only.

In other news, I still haven’t spent much time in front of the news cycle, but what I have read I’ve included here. Anyway, here are the links:

5/25- 5/26

What I’m Reading – 4/28

I’ve yet to decide on a naming convention I like for this article series. Currently I title the post after the date that I started collecting links, but I’m thinking that might be confusing for people coming to the article because the date they read it and the date on the article will be different. One solution would be to post the range over which the links were collected in the article so any readers can know the complete range of dates included. I want to make sure everyone understands that the links in here are almost always up-to-date and not old reposts (generally speaking). 

I have a few new coding blog posts that I’m putting together currently; one is on an open-source project I recently worked on and the other is one configuring Jenkins Pipeline jobs. If you ever plan on using Jenkins in your CI pipeline, I recommend staying tuned for that one considering the Jenkins 2.x docs are pretty sparse at the moment.

4/26 – 4/28