What I’m Reading – 5/3

Having put more thought into my scheduling automation idea, I decided to forgo the Android front end for now and just stick with something more resembling a cron job until I get the time to slap the front end on it. I’m a big believer in the strength of gamifying activities to make them more desirable. If I can gamify hitting my scheduling metrics, I’ll be way more loyal to my schedule and be able to use it more effectively as a prioritization tool. At some point I’ll start putting together my time management ideas into a series of articles, but that won’t be for another month or so at best.

Also one last announcement: I’ve been very lazy in setting up the links on this page to open in new tabs, but as you can see now, I have fixed this. From now on links will now open in a new tab.

Anyway, here are the links:

5/2 – 5/3