What I’m Reading – 11/12/17

Last night Sydney and I celebrated our one year anniversary. It was a great night; we had an early dinner at the Cliff House, caught the sunset, then went to see Aladdin at the Orpheum. They’ve changed the story of Aladdin a fair amount to fit a less cartoonish interpretation, replacing the tiger and monkey with groups of singing and dancing friends instead. The flying carpet is reduced to only two appearances as it carries the main characters around the stage in a pretty convincing way. The genie is no longer blue, but instead wears a blue outfit. To be honest, the genie’s character seemed heavily inspired by Titus Andromedon from Kimmy Schmidt. The sets and costumes both looked great and functioned well. The crew even included a hefty amount of pyrotechnics in the act. Overall, definitely worth the money to go see it.

In other news, the link I’ve included are from the week, but since I had them already set aside I thought I’d include them in a post. Trump was in Asia this past week, fleeing from negative press at home and trying to make some progress on his foreign policy objectives. So far, the trip has been heavy on positive rhetoric from all parties, but not necessarily equally heavy on details. Anyway, here are the links: