What I’m Reading – 11/6/17

What a let-down Halloween turned into… Sydney and I did wind up going out, but to be honest most of the crowd was either not in costume or wearing some sort of cop-out costume. I guess the holiday falling on a Tuesday this year thinned the herd a bit. We wound up making the best of it, but hopefully next year people are more enthused.

In other news, it seems like every week we find out more about how corrupt the rich and powerful are these days (maybe always?). One of the Panama Papers journalists was killed in Malta two weeks ago in a car bombing, while this week a new set of files detailing offshore tax havens was leaked. This time even Queen Elizabeth II got in on the action. Saudi Arabia’s crown prince made more headlines by purging 80-something members of the royal family and ruling elite in a “corruption” crackdown. More realistically, this is an attempt to centralize power before the ambitious royal begins his push for massive reforms. Nonetheless, what a world when Saudi Arabia can hold it’s leaders accountable, but we Americans cannot. Anyway, here are the links: