What I’m Reading – 10/30/17

This year will hold the record as the most disorganized Halloween ever. Our famous workplace Halloween event was renamed “Fall Festival” this year for reasons completely unknown causing many of us to not even know it was happening. Great success. Likewise, I’ve noticed maybe 5 merchants with a few lazily set-up decorations with the vast majority doing nothing at all. Has culture died in this country or are we just too lazy to care anymore? The most popular outfit I saw over the weekend was a collection of animal onesies worn by 30 year olds, presumably because they were also too lazy to do more than spend $30 on Amazon. Despite this, Sydney and I will be out the night of Halloween. I’ll be going as OG Mad Max, although don’t expect it to be cosplay quality. I did the best I could with the time I had.

In other news, I’ve stayed out of the news cycle for the most part over the past few weeks, opting instead to make dinner and play some cards at night. I’m definitely happier for it. Anyway, here are the links: