Civil War!

Hi all,

I’m reviving the blog with a new format to cover the research I’ve been doing over the past year and a half. I’ve gone into a few topics in some level of depth, but primarily Sumer, Caesarion Rome, and the English Civil Wars. The latter two are of special relevance as they represent the topic of this blog series: Civil War!

What drives a country to fight itself to the death? What forces rend neighbor from neighbor, husband from wife, brother from sister? And, ominously, what echoes of civil war do we see in our own society? What about in ourselves?

We’ll be starting this series with thoughts and notes on the English Civil War with special interest paid to the economic, social, religious, and political underpinnings for the war itself, its lead-up, and its aftermath. Expect the Protestant Reformation and the colonization of the Americas to show up a few times.

Until next time