What I’m Reading – 9/28/17

You might notice the layout for the blog has changed. When I set up this blog, I really just wanted a simple, one-column, black-on-white background, but of course WordPress wants to peddle a bunch of busy, trendy themes at me. After digging for a bit last night, I finally found something that will hold me over until I find something even simpler.

What else is going on? Well, a busy few weeks are about to sweep in, which means I’ll probably be incommunicado again. Chelsea beat Atletico Madrid in the Champions League yesterday in a really great match. A few cry from Mourinho parking the bus against every team in Europe. Right now I feel like it’s not even worth touching topics like North Korea, Equifax, healthcare, etc since it’s pretty clear now nothing is going to happen on either of these fronts for a while.

Anyway, here are the links: