What I’m Reading – 5/24

Trying to find time for these projects in the build-up to the big move wound up being way more difficult than I had anticipated. At this point, I’m taking every free minute I can get to scan through Amazon and Wayfair, filling out the remaining holes in the furniture needed to set up the new apartment. Today, it looks like I’ve made the breakthrough. I won’t dump all the details here because I’ll have a great video tour to post on Facebook and YouTube of the new place once it’s done, but sufficed to say finding the right desk/speaker/monitor combination was no small feat. Fitting two 27” computer monitors, two 6” stereo monitors, and w/e else I need onto anything smaller than a 60” wide desk looks to be impossible. I’ve got some 2.1-style speakers lined up that might work, but I think at this point I’m just going to figure that out once the move is over.

I had literally no clue what else is going on in the news this week other than the fact that I saw a picture of Trump with a yamaka on his head, staring vacantly at the Western Wall.

Anyway, here are the links:

5/23 – 5/24